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Which equipment is needed for unforgettable wedding in Georgia

Preparing for the wedding is a responsible and exciting event. For the celebration to be held at the highest level, it is important to think through every detail. Special attention is required for wedding equipment. All elements must be harmoniously combined, creating a special romantic atmosphere.


The choice of utensils depends on many factors. In order not to miss anything, it is better to start preparing a few months before the appointed date. It is impossible to make a standard list of elements; for each pair it will differ. Inventory for the wedding depends on the wishes and preferences of future spouses.

List of necessary things

Venue, season, celebration theme are just some of the points that determine wedding equipment. For each stage of the holiday you will need various accessories:

  1. Walk around the city: jewelry for the car, glasses, equipment for a photo shoot;
  2. REGISTRY OFFICE: a pillow for wedding rings, a bridal bouquet, a towel, baskets for petals, glasses.
  3. Wedding: candles, linen napkins, rushnyk footrest.
  4. Restaurant: bonbonnieres, tablecloths, floral arrangements, glasses, vases, decorative elements, a box for folding money donated.

Equipment for a wedding in the fresh air must be properly selected. For the celebration you will need a decorated arch, glasses, chairs or benches for guests, a path that leads to it, a table for painting. All elements must be made in the same style and emphasize each other.


Recently, rental of wedding equipment is very popular. The service allows you to save time and money. Newlyweds just need to choose the most appropriate holiday theme details.

The bride and groom do not always have time to make a list and choose wedding equipment on their own. In this case, it is better to use the services of a company that organizes holidays. Thus, you can not worry about preparing for the most important day, experts will do everything at the highest level. In the list of services of most companies there is a rental of wedding equipment, which allows a good saving, because there is no need to buy accessories at once.