Catering – Buffet Service

Buffet is a major aspect of all types of events, so, catering service should of highest quality. Distinguished by many years of experience and creativity, Eventive offers an advance selection of visually impressive and sophisticated flavors.

With professional approaches, Eventive offers sophisticated and quality organization of the most important part of the venue. Our company’s buffet and catering services are completely different from the services available on Georgian market, as for us decoration of the buffet is as important than taste of the food presented.

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Our team has an extensive experience in organising events

Why Eventive?

Catering is a detail-oriented service, because the arrangement of the buffet at any event is based on customer’s specific demand and the taste of the guests. Therefore, to avoid troubles and dissatisfaction, the buffet menu should be composed by professional organizers.

Specialized staff of Eventive perfects any celebration to the smallest details. Our team approaches any type of event with the same responsibility and plans out the relevant menu with accordance of event’s type, concept and customer’s requirements.

Canape is often held at business meetings, conferences and exhibitions, especially if there is no space or time to arrange gala dinner. Therefore, canape ordering is the most popular form of catering.