Full Buffet & Catering Service

An outdoor buffet reception is an event that provides non-standard leisure in an informal setting. If you want to spend time with friends, colleagues or partners and not waste time organizing, just order a buffet reception from Eventive events and rental company. We provide a full range of organization services:
· Events (corporate, public);
· Weddings;
· Parties;
· Meals
The buffet reception is beautiful, relevant, simple. Our experts will help create a festive atmosphere and prepare delicious treats.

The peculiarities of the organization of the buffet

In the usual way, an outdoor event should be accompanied by large tables with tablecloths and treats, decor, glasses. To save space, tiered plates are often used. It seems to be troublesome and complicated. But our experts offer an original solution – a catering buffet, which consists of tasty, healthy dishes, unusual presentation and decoration, compliance with the general theme of the event, and professional serving.
During the preparation, we take into account a number of details:
1. To create a cozy atmosphere, our experts offer various models of chairs, tables, tablecloths, glasses.
2. Protection from bad weather. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we suggest installing tents, using heaters.
3. We maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

If you decide to order an outdoor event from our experts, high-level service is guaranteed.

Buffet menu

Our company pays special attention to the event menu. We have several immediate offers and customers independently select an option that matches the format of the event.
Ideas for a buffet table:
· Lunch menu (salads, canapes, snacks, hot dishes, desserts, pies, alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks);
· Wedding menu (snacks, hot dishes, desserts, drinks);
· Coffee break (soft drinks, desserts, pies);
· Barbecue (kebabs, wings, sausages, vegetables, shrimp, sauces);
· Georgian menu (hot / cold dishes, pastries);
· lunch box.
We offer 6 menu options, which include healthy dishes, disposable containers, appliances, napkins.
On the company’s website you can see the portfolio and the cost of services. To order a buffet, just call the representatives of our agency. Professional advice guaranteed.