Corporate Events and Tourism

 Corporate tourism and MICE sector plays a pivotal role in the global business landscape. It serves as a catalyst for economic growth, fostering business connections, knowledge exchange, and professional development. 

At Eventive, we specialize in curating unparalleled corporate tourism and MICE experiences that transcend expectations. As industry pioneers, we blend innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence to craft transformative events that leave lasting impressions. 

Join us on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and unforgettable experiences. Let Eventive be your partner in elevating your corporate events to extraordinary heights.

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Our team has an extensive experience in organising MICE events

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Our team has an extensive experience in organising events

Who We Are?

 Eventive is a leading DMC company in Georgia that has been successfully operating since 2019 and offers planning and organizing all kinds of DMC and MICE events – from corporate meetings, seminars and conferences to trips, parties, team building and other business activities, taking into account the company’s culture. Our company is where expertise meets creativity in crafting unparalleled DMC and MICE experiences. Passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence define us at Eventive, and we can’t wait to exceed your expectations.

Our Team

 Our dedicated team is a mosaic of professionals, each contributing unique talents and skills to curate seamless and memorable events. We blend industry expertise with innovative concepts to deliver events that stand out in the competitive landscape, creating experiences that inspire and captivate audiences. Our commitment to professionalism and attention to detail ensures flawless execution, exceeding expectations and ensuring the success of every event we undertake.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of DMC and MICE events. We are dedicated to crafting bespoke, unforgettable experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on all who participate. 

Join us in our journey as we redefine the boundaries of DMC and MICE events, setting new benchmarks, and creating a legacy of unparalleled experiences. Together, let’s embark on an extraordinary expedition, crafting moments that linger in the hearts and minds of all who attend.

Personalized And Special

 We understand that every client is unique, and our mission revolves around understanding their distinct needs. Our client-centric approach ensures that each event is meticulously tailored, exceeding expectations and fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Why Georgia

 Georgia is a country, which has its unique and distinguish culture, that can pleasantly surprise the visitors. The socio-economic changes implemented in the last 15 years has made Tbilisi not only a city of European standards, but also one of the business centers of the region.

Hotel brands acknowledged around the world are successfully operating in the capital of Georgia, offering excellent services for business travelers.

High-level restaurants, spaces for holding exhibitions, workshops, conferences, presentations, seminars, congresses, forums, festivals easily meet world standards.

We can assure you, that the corporate events planned in Georgia with help of DMC company Eventive will be unforgettable for both your employees and partners.

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