Fireworks and effects

Professional fireworks can be considered the most memorable element of any type of celebration. Arranging different types of events, accompanied by a variety of pyrotechnics, is a responsible issue, so it should be entrusted to a reliable company like Eventive.

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Different types of fireworks and effects

Eventive offers an outstanding selection of decorative celebration pyrotechnics. The creatively decorated event never leaves the audience indifferent and professional fireworks are undeniably the most eye-catching element of outdoor entertainment.

In order to be successful in buying fireworks, you need to know its types. The company offers an assortment of event pyrotechnics such as new year’s Eve fireworks, wedding fireworks, festive fireworks, standing fireworks and all types of decoration for your corporate and business events.

Indoor fireworks are used in a small spaces. These types of fireworks have low noise level to avoid unnecessary mess during the party. On the other hand, the so-called outdoor fireworks, with low danger level, less noise, and a powerful blast is a perfect choice for outdoor birthday celebration, New year or a Christmas party.

Standing fireworks, also classified as medium hazard ones, include various types of indoor and outdoor decorative sparklers. Professional fireworks are characterized by the most stunning and gigantic explosions. Such fireworks are the most noisy, but exceptionally impressive.

If you believe that your event won’t be complete without fireworks, Eventive is a perfect solution for you. A team of experts will work har to make your party unforgettable, taking into consideration the content, type and theme. Our team will make sure that the safety norms are implemented and followed regarding the used pyrotechnic