Furniture rental service popularity has been growing annually. The fact is that it is a real find for one-time and large scale celebrations. The main advantage is the lack of the need to buy furniture that may no longer be useful. Eventive is the company which offers its customers a wide selection of furniture, inventory for weddings, office parties, business meetings etc.
Why should you give preference to our company? Because we offer:
· Broad assortment;
· High-quality interior items at a reasonable price;
· High level of service;
· Prompt delivery.
Furniture rental allows you to save money and time on the organization of the event.

Peculiarities of furniture selection

Gradually, people move away from cliche patterns and give preference to original ways of spending time. Many people prefer to organize active, original parties in an informal setting.
For the celebration to be held at the top level, it is necessary to pay attention to organizational issues: menu, decor, furniture. It is important that all the details suit the format of the event. Renting tables, chairs, tents, etc in Tbilisi will create a special atmosphere and emphasize the general theme.
During the preparation, it should be borne in mind that:
1. Furniture for a picnic should be practical, resistant to adverse weather conditions, user-friendly.
2. For the wedding, exquisite interior items should be chosen that emphasize the style and concept of the celebration.
3. For the reception, you can limit yourself to several tables of the same size and chairs.
4. Furniture for conferences, negotiations should look smart. Upholstered or leather upholstered furniture could be used.

Our company employees will help you decide on the selection of suitable equipment and/or interior items.

Furniture from Eventive

Eventive offers furniture rental for events regardless of location or theme of the celebration. You can order:
· Bars, tables;
· chairs;
· Tents;
· Lighting, sound, screens;
· Patio heaters
· Tablecloths;
· Event and wedding equipment;
· Dishes;
· Equipment for catering and receptions.
We also offer to rent speakers, microphones, outdoor string light bulbs, projectors with screens, television sets. To hold a celebration without worrying about comfort, you can rent marquees as well.

Call our company and rent furniture for your events.